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Luckily, we live in a place where there are Japanese things all around us.San Francisco Taiko Dojo was founded in 1968 by Tokyo-born Seiichi Tanaka, who is widely considered the father of modern taiko in North America.Kinnara Taiko from Los Angeles has taught Denver Taiko a piece and shared the Buddhist philosophy in respect to taiko.

Read what members are saying about Talking Taiko and find tickets to upcoming events.Kokoro Taiko Kai new Newsletter Name After researching other taiko organization newsletters, it was discovered that Beat was used by Kodo, great company.Other groups raise the money to buy drums from one of the major.It hosts dozens of unique cultural events throughout the year that range from traditional Japanese cultural programming to J-Pop to Sumo.

Kristy Oshiro - Professional taiko artist based in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area.In North America, this term is used to describe both the Japanese drum itself and the art form of kumidaiko (ensemble drumming with Japanese drums).

I am fortunate enough to photograph the 41st International Taiko Festival again this year.

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In this course we will explore the musical, cultural, historical, and political perspectives of taiko in North America through drumming (hands-on experience), readings, class discussions, workshops.Here are all of the groups who appeared in Taiko-thon 2013, in order of appearance: TCA Welcome from Johnny Mori (Los Angeles, CA) San Jose Taiko (San Jose, CA).

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San Francisco Taiko Dojo San Francisco Taiko Dojo was founded in approximately 1968 by Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka and is one of the oldest in California.A new generation of San Francisco Taiko Dojo freshman are training for their first year at the International taiko festival.The North American Taiko Conference is the largest gathering of taiko practitioners in the world.The Savvy Source for Parents reviews and information about Summer Taiko at Stanford for kids.

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The performers in Eden Aoba Taiko have a variety of day jobs — teachers, nurses, students, plus.Shoji Kameda is a fourth-generation Japanese American musician and composer, and leading player of North American taiko.The second group, Kinnara Taiko, started at Senshin Buddhist Temple in South Central Los Angeles as a musical club that transitioned from a chant and gagaku (court music) group to a taiko group in 1969.


Recent clients include Bandai Namco, Sony, the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Sharks, the San Francisco Giants, the Superbowl, Google, Hewlett Packard, Gap, Uniqlo, Cisco, and Apple.

Inside, amid a chaos of saris and chocolate mochi, old friends Rasika Kumar and Franco Imperial, leaders of the Abhinaya Dance Company of San Jose and San Jose Taiko, are busy choreographing their.

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Taiko Jam will feature premiere performing ensembles from across North America and Japan. 2017 marks the 10th Taiko Jam concert held in conjunction with the North American Taiko Conference.

Today, taiko is performed on the stage instead of in the fields, but while the ancient context is gone, the power of a taiko performance survives and one of the longest running and most successful U.S. dojos (training centers) is in San Francisco.In 1968, Seiichi Tanaka started San Francisco Taiko Dojo, which was the first kumi-daiko group in North America.Nonprofit performing arts company, based in San Jose Japantown.San Francisco Taiko Dojo, San Jose Taiko, Kinnara Taiko, Japan America Theater, Los Angeles, 2003.

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ABOUT THE CONFERENCE The 10th North American Taiko Conference (NATC) will be held August 10-13, 2017 at the University of California, San Diego.

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San Jose Taiko is an international touring ensemble that also provides educational outreach programs in schools, classes for children and adults and corporate workshops.

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And, as mentioned, Kinnara Taiko and San Francisco Taiko Dojo were the only two here.