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The LEGO Movie came out five years ago and arguably the most popular character was Benny.

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Just like the dollhouses, girls love to play with Lego sets too.This includes the final LEGO Batman Movie sets and LEGO Ninjago Movie sets.Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest lego friends sets since 2017.The simple, clickable bricks have endless opportunities for imaginative play and creating impressive models.

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LEGO Retiring Soon 2018 Below is a list of LEGO sets that are at risk of retiring soon in and around the 2018 calendar year.Why let the kids have the fun alone, there are many Legos for Adults on the market that you can purchase.Currently, the best lego friends set is the Heartlake Grand Hotel.

With more than 100 new Lego sets unveiled earlier this year, there are so many great new Lego sets coming out in 2018.Finding the best Lego Star Wars sets for your kid can be a daunting task as the number of Lego Star Wars sets is huge.

Having released a batch of new Harry Potter sets, including the massive Hogwarts Castle, LEGO has produced a new micro-scale kit.

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Making LEGO constructions was an activity that we all looked forward to.

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For those who love to spend hours constructing a LEGO set then look not further than the Bucket Wheel Excavator.

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If you want to find the best Lego sets, best Lego toys, and best and biggest LEGO toy sets Gadget Review can help.

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But some of the themes are more traditional and have stood the test of time.

Discover the best Lego sets for kids ages 3 to 10 and hear from top Lego experts, too.LEGO Ninjago is a theme that LEGO introduced in 2011, featuring elements from the fictional realm of Ninjago.With top spec hardware and great software for learning to code, the Mindstorms set is a must have on our best STEM toys 2018 list!.

More than one generation of kids has grown on legendary Lego construction toys.With an abundance of licensed products and complicated kits, the demand for adult Legos is greater than ever.The true mark is how they put it together and how long they enjoy it once the initial building is done.The third one on my list is the largest Lego Technic set ever made.

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What commenced as a very simple but expertly crafted toy in the 40s fast became a great deal a lot.LEGO toy collections are known as the best presents to give because children, especially little girls, love playing and learning with them.The best Marvel Lego sets Honorary Mention: X-Mansion (2014) The X-Men Mansion, formally known as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, has never been made into a proper Lego set, but it did.Lego Superheroes, Top Trending, Buy LEGO Collector Sets 2018.Legos are a source of nostalgia for many adults that grew up building unique creations.

It has come a long way and become an international phenomenon.The largest and perhaps best LEGO Technic set ever made, this two-in-one package will keep even the most experienced builder busy for hours, maybe even days.